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The 5 love langueages is a Christian book by Gary Chapman and is a #1 New York Times Bestseller for 8 consecutive years now. Gary, being an author, speaker, and counsellor, wrote this book to pronounce his passion for helping people so that they might have lasting relationships. The 5 Love Languages highlights the simple ideas encompassed in and that contribute to sustainable love. It’s no gainsaying that falling in love is easy but staying in love is the actual challenge. We all have heard that at least one or twice in our lives, and it remains the eternal truth. Thus, Gary Chapman wrote the book to describe basically; ways to keep a relationship as fresh as ever even in the midst of conflicts, challenges and other unpleasant circumstance that arise in the course of all relationships. In other words, The 5 Love Languages is a sure bet to discover the secrets that will transform your relationship and make it forever sweet.

This is guaranteed because millions of relationships have been reformed and transformed globally thanks to the tricks and lessons described in the book. Meanwhile, it doesn’t matter whether you are having some sort of flourishing or failing relationship – at least you do have to belong to either; Gary’s approach is proven to significantly assist you with a newer, deeper and more interesting love experience, particularly regarding intimacy with your spouse. This book is not just some theory, the lessons are as insightful and as practical. In essence, relationships nowadays are a different ball game entirely, full of complexities and many frustrating challenges. However, in this book, some basic truths and applicable wisdom are revealed.

In fact, some person already described the book with just three sentences to establish that:

  • Different love languages are spoken by people. Everyone is not the same, and the language each person speaks especially in the realm of love differs from one person to the other.
  • Having counselled marriages for years, Chapman is believed to have drawn a reasonable inference that people speak and understand emotional love in five ways basically. That is, there are five emotional love languages, and they include Words of affirmation, Quality time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of service and Physical touch.
  • From some perspective, Gary believes that immediately a person identifies and learns to speak their spouse’s primary love language (because there is really one), they have found the secret to the much desired long-lasting and loving marriage.

Moreover, the summary of the five big ideas as it were in The 5 Love Languages is that we are gullible to assume that if we are in true love, it will last forever. Whatever has happened to the usual saying, “Nothing lasts forever.” Now, when the experience of falling in love which at first is “heavenly” has had its course, we are forced to return to the world of reality, and this time, we begin to assert ourselves. To some couples, the end of the “I’m in love” experience totally means they are left with just two options which are a life of misery with the spouse in question or to skip and try again.

Still, the book affirms a third alternative which is considered the better of all. That is recognizing the “I’m in love” experience for what it virtually was, a temporal emotional high and this time, pursue the actual love with our spouse. Also, the assertion is that the most powerful indicators of a woman’s primary love language is her incessant complaints. Therefore, the husband should take note and read accordingly. The book, The 5 Love Languages entails this also. To cap it all, the most powerful thing a man can do is to love his wife even at that time when her response is on the negative end or not as positive as demanded. Besides, Gary is convinced that proper fueling is to automobile what importance keeping the emotional love tank full is to marriage. In simpler words, when the emotional love tank of our spouse is maintained and kept full, they perceive a sense of security in the love we are demonstrating and in turn, they see the world better and brighter while our spouse is propelled to move on to achieve greater things in life.

On a light mode, why would or should The 5 Love Languages be rated as such? Just because it helps and guides you in reading your partner’s inconsolable weird mind right? Yes, just that! Because with a closer look, you will realize it is more profound if you really care about your spouse and want to preserve your relationship.

Other Variants of The 5 Love Languages

Let’s dig even further by comparing and contrasting similar versions or editions of the book as written by Gary. It is necessary to note that, the comparison is to purposefully establish the myriads of lessons Gary intends teaching about relationships, to all and sundry. Some of these variants include:

The 5 Love Languages Military Edition

This version is the most recent within the same context written by Gary Chapman in 2017. Still, the story is all embedded in the basics of love languages. In fact, an anonymous soldier remarked that as soon as he arrived in Afghanistan, he began reading The 5 Love Languages (R) and nothing to him till date was so simple yet so profound. Clearly, the book highlights the specifics needed by couples particularly the ones in a military relationship. The point is, the ones who have found themselves in such relationship do understand the strain of long deployments, lonely nights and difficult transitions, all summed up as extraordinary challenges that would need to be beaten to live in love. Thus, the book is an updated edition of “The 5 Love Languages” wherein Gary teamed up with a former military wife, Jocelyn Green. I believe Gary teamed up with Jocelyn Green because she is a renowned writer and award-winning author with a focus on inspiring faith and courage in readers via fiction and nonfiction books. Being a former military wife herself, and having written some book on encouraging military wires, she co-authored this book to instill some inspiration for American’s home front

The target readers, in this case, are the military couples to whom they shared the simple secret to loving each other best with inclusions of advice on how they can:

  1. Build intimacy over long distances. If you are in the military world, you can totally relate to this. I mean, how shall these couples survive over such long distance relationship they have chosen to live. Better put, what are the chances of building intimacy in such kind of relationship? The book provides practically workable tips on that.
  2. Reintegrate after deployment. How shall the military couple reintegrate even after deployment? Reintegration is a requisite process for love in this very context, and the book is an absolute pointer to the way out.
  3. Unlearn harsh military-style communication.

Agreeably, communication is key to a successful relationship. Now, in this military case, there are peculiarities with style and, even though they are harsh, they can, in the long run, serve a reasonable potential to enhance love, if understood. This book gives an insight into that.

  1. Rebuild and maintain emotional love. Emotional love is crucial in this case as in other acclaimed love. Meanwhile, rebuilding becomes very necessary and even at that, not as important as its maintenance. Love in this regard shall be continuously and endlessly rebuilt to accommodate the differences arising due to the nature of the job. What then shall the couple fuel this relationship with to have an enjoyable and lovely life? The 5 Love Languages: Military Edition establishes the basics.
  2. Help your spouse from trauma. If we say your spouse in this military space is suffering some trauma and some other unpleasant things, we are not too far from the truth, neither are we missing words in any way. Therefore, this book was brought together to give you tips on how to heal your spouse from such troubles, which are somewhat inevitable in this kind of relationship.

Just already, The 5 Love Languages (R) book has sold over 10 million copies and of a truth, has been helpful a great deal in strengthening millions of relationships in the last two decades. The military edition even offers some more inspiration for readers as it provides valuable ways to equip you in building a love that lasts in your relationship.

As a sum, the book has unique features that range from relevant stories of military couples from every branch of service tips on how to express love when military couples are apart. Also, an updated FAQs section that includes questions specific to military families and some new chapter on learning to speak the long languages through some of the most challenging times of a military marriage.

According to some reviews left on the bestselling page by readers:

  1. The 5 Love Languages: Military Edition is regarded more than a book, even has it connects the recipe for a joyful, happy relationship and life. A book believed to transcend others and a perfect gift idea for anyone
  2. It is both interesting and relevant even in our day to day life experiences. If you read this book, your relationship with people apart from your spouse would be as well enhanced. Specifically, the love you show to others would be appreciated even as you learn and endeavor to appreciate the love you are shown.
  3. For better interaction, this book has it all. After reading the book, you must have learned the concept of taking responsibilities.

The 5 Love Languages of Children

This is another edition of “The 5 Love Languages (R)”, where Gary Chapman produced another insight into the 5 love languages and this time, with the children. It is co-authored by Ross Campbell. Children, like our spouses, deserve some volume of true love as well. In fact, before the arrival of a child into a family, the couple were all just for each other, but upon introduction of a child or children, the love becomes unquestionably distributed from either party of the couple to accommodate these children. Thus, Gary and Ross decided to give some clue and secret to loving children effectively with this version of the book. The entire idea is, as a parent you know you love your child. This book is particular about how you make your child or children know you truly do. Parents can discover how to speak their child(ren)’s language in an understandable way. As such, the book has potentials and is viable of helping you:

  1. Discover your child’s language

As you can see, it all begins with discovery, which is perfectly done and with much consideration, would justify the means at the end.

  1. Assist your child in successful learning

Clearly, a loveless child or one living outside the frame of love received from either or both parties of the parent has little or fewer chances of succeeding with and in anything. Thus, a life of love is an essential ingredient in successful learning, regardless of the choice the child has made in that regard. This variant of the love languages will help you to help your child and guide in successful learning.

  1. Use the love languages to correct and discipline more effectively

With the book, parents can learn the love languages and use them in effectively correcting their children per time. In other words, the advice and tips can help instill more discipline in love.

  1. Build a foundation of unconditional love for your child

“If the foundation be destroyed, what shall the righteous man do.” Absolutely Nothing! These days though, we have some professionals who are playing around working on a foundation even after the building might have been constructed and due to one reason or the other, they have to run some test and as it were, provide some strengthening. In the same light, if parents concentrate on building a foundation of unconditional love for their child(ren), they have built them a long lasting love life and one in which they can make reasonable choices for themselves at the end. Not only that, the contribution of such a child to himself or herself and the society would be invaluable.

In general, the book has dozens of tips, and I mean practical ways to speak your child’s primary love language. Once you begin speaking the language, you are closer than ever to having a stronger relationship with them. As some readers already reviewed, the book is a must-have for parents, and the impact on marriage is huge, essentially in understanding the needs of individuals. In fact, some readers perceive the book as a blessing in terms of relating the vastly different children to the vastly different love languages they have. Connecting with children then becomes easier than ever while their needs would be uncompromisingly and unavoidably met. Additionally, the book provides insight into the practical and useful tools to ensure children never doubt they are loved. That is, the information contained is astute and discerning, and in fact, easy to implement as remarked by a reader.

The outright synopsis of the book outlines five expressions of love which are: quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. Each of these items is related to the clear explanation of how to identify and communicate effectively in a child’s love language.

Besides, some other Amazon Customers and buyers give their take on the book as:

  1. A useful book in showing how to bring emotions across more efficiently
  2. A life-changing book which once fully implemented can help in loving those around better in a a way they can both recognize the love and benefit from it.
  3. An amazing book that clearly explains why one child reacts one way and the other, differently. An understanding of this fact would help speak their different languages and make them feel loved.
  4. A book with incredible use of stories in explaining the diverse love languages and a must for every parent. Some reader even believes it can save a lot of child-parent broken relationships.
  5. Brilliant ways in which love language works. The reader confirms that the book is worth reading, providing clear instructions for the identification of the different love languages and their implementation in daily life to make a positive change in relationships.The 5 Love Languages Singles Edition

This was released in 2014 by the same author, being another version of “The 5 Love Languages”. In the book, according to Gary Chapman, “nothing has more potential for enhancing one’s sense of well-being than effectively loving and being loved. The 5 love language for singles is designed to help do these things effectively“. It was originally created with married couples in mind even though the love languages as Chapman remarked are universally proven whether in dating relationships, with parents or coworkers. Better put, personalities differ from one person to the other and in different ways, thus, speaking the right language is key to giving and receiving most effectively.

The Singles edition of the book is trusted to help:

  1. Discover the missing ingredient in past relationships

In the book, some tips are highlighted to discover the missing ingredient in the past relationships you have had as a single person and upon this discovery, take the necessary step to adjust accordingly.

  1. Learn how to communicate love in a way that can transform any relationship.

The 5 Love Languages Singles Edition will help you as a single person to learn and understand the ways to communicate love such that the relationship can be transformed.

  1. Grow closer to the people you care about the most

Gary explained that you could grow closer to the ones you care most about if you follow the principles mentioned in the book. This pertains majorly to the single persons

  1. Understand why you may not feel loved by those who genuinely care about you if you read the book and implement every detail to the core. It is practically feasible to digest and live by
  2. The 5 Love Languages Singles Edition will guide you to gain the courage to express your emotions and affections to others in a heartfelt way

Generally, the book has some personal profile assessments and study guide to let you have the best of its offers.

For this variant, there are some impressive editorial reviews like the one that described the book as a simple concept capable of revolutionizing all your relationships. Some persons call it the game changer in the sense that it has potentials of strengthening marriage, and imagine if all the tips had been digested before entering into the game. The 5 Love Languages and its variants/editions can help you refocus to better understand your half and to realize the bitter truth that you two are completely different people at the core and that means what works for you isn’t what works for your spouse and vice versa. From another view, the book is certainly proven to help improve relationship your spouse and no sooner had you begun reading that you understood what exactly your love language was. Improvement in a relationship can mean a simple thing as sticking with a date night for enjoyable quality time together. The love language profile for singles can be summarized as an insightful profile into a thorough analysis of your emotional communication preference. In other words, it is considerably good to help single out your primary love language, the definition and the probable ways it can be used to connect your relationship with others. Not only that, it can help deepen as the case may be. Perhaps at the end of the reading process, you will better understand future relationships as well as take some time to examine the love languages of the ones around you, family, friends and maybe a future partner. You will be amazed at how perfect, informative and enlightening the version is.

The Five Love Languages Men’s Edition

This is another variant of The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. It is a charge for men to stay focused. Specifically, in this new edition, Gary explains that it is possible to understand your wife as a man. In essence, the ways tough relationship issues men face nowadays can be tackled are described in the book. To be more elaborate, it highlights:

  1. How to express your feelings to your wife
  2. How to interpret your wife’s responses
  3. How to make sex more meaningful and pleasurable for you and your wife.

The author capped it all at the end where he listed ten ideas for expressing the very love language to your wife. Is it gifts? Are you sure? Once you can take the quiz with a sincere heart, you will find out. The tips are that practical! A book generally confirmed as nice, and a must-read for all married men and the ones considering marriage. It is written to help keep the fire of the love for your partner burning throughout the marriage life. In fact, some reader reviewed the book as a great model for couples, children, private relationships or business, etc. You certainly will learn how to pay attention to your spouse with the book and be proactive about loving them in ways they want to be loved, rather than the ways you want to love. Men can easily demonstrate acts of service, by not minding to take out the garbage or do some oil changing and other activities but if you as a man continues doing that and perhaps the woman wants just some quality time. It is yet a journey to futility as you are not filling her love bucket in any way.  Additionally, some reader rated the book in 5-star by describing the book in words like awesome, easy to get into, lots of pictures, graphs, charts and easy to read questions and format.

Men! Don’t get it twisted. The commandment has not changed, it remains- Husbands, love your wives. Therefore, if you are confused about what exactly makes your wife feel truly loved or maybe you are tired of the confusing signals and missed cues, The 5 Love Languages: Men’s Edition is the secret to the marriage and relationship that lasts. I’ll wrap this section up with Darrel Waltrip’s comment or review about the book that “My wife Stevie and I had a good marriage, but understanding the five love languages made it even better. I wish every husband would read this book.”

What are the 5 love languages?

There are numerous thoughts on “The 5 Love Languages”. One of these is established by a reader who sums up the intent of the author as providing couples with the needed advice in making their relationships work. It does not matter whether they are starters. Basically, the reader believes Gary simplified things when he asserted that each person has a love tank and we are happy and content only when this love tank is filled by your spouse. On the contrary, we are left with unhappiness and most likely to consider divorce when the tank runs empty. Thus, keeping the tank topped off is all about figuring out our spouse’s love language and acting accordingly. The reader further established his concern about the use of the word “languages,” claiming that they are technically not languages as Chapman wrote. Meanwhile, the assumption or generalization can be limited to how much consideration you attach to a means of expression, that is, if you believe it is a language, then it would be one. Each person is believed by Chapman to have a main love language, with rare cases in some having two. That means each person has a way of acting to clearly express love and this differs from one person to another. Altogether, the reader believes the thesis of the book is plausible, in that the best way to express your love is to seek and discover the very thing that sends the message to the person in the clearest way, while you are expected to take every relevant action needed to convey such message. Obviously, people like, in varying degrees being affirmed, receiving service, receiving gifts, being touched and spending quality time as established in the book. The reader and reviewer further beat this down that the book has no tale of failure whatsoever, and that even makes it more interesting. At least such should be expected because the intent of the book is positive. Not only that, the content of religious elements in the book even as a non-totally Christian book is seen as a smart approach to take and candidly, Christians would find the aspects more appealing.


The 5 Love Languages Critics!

Some critique of the book and its variants is inevitable. Some reader, having gained exposure to Orthodox theology. In the reader’s words, Dr. Chapman outlined five ways in which people give and receive love and that the main reason that can be attributed to someone feeling unloved in a relationship could be because the other significant half is not “speaking” their love language. Having already talked about the five languages, the reader asserts that it would take a long ride to truly understand the depth of his stance if little or no time has been taken on his blog, which centers at Orthodox spirituality. He points out that human’s desire to receive any of the five love languages ultimately reveals hidden pride, egotism, and some sort of attachment to the world. In simpler words, the supposed five languages are mere practices among healthy individuals in their purest form. Thus, our unhealed nature is revealed with these things immediately we begin feeling a “need” for others to give them to us or if we become upset when they do not recognize or appreciate the love we are demonstrating. The reader dug deeper to confirm why the love languages are insufficient and he found out when he began writing some detailed rebuttal for each of the individual love languages. In the process, he found a recurring theme in each response that we should practice the expression of affection for others, but we should never hope for, desire, or expect to receive absolutely anything in return, not even a smile or a “thank you.” Interestingly, nothing is wrong with giving; perhaps there is even more wrong with someone who does not give. But with a feeling of a need or desire to receive something from someone, we are allowing our souls attach materially to the world which in turn hinder us form entering into the deeper place of true love in Christ. Have you ever thought of giving to someone who does not seem pleased or thankful enough? There is a birth of an emotional response of hurt, or in some cases, anger in the long run and literally, that is a sign of egotism and giving from an impure heart. In essence, the reader believes it is until we begin to receive true love directly from God withing our hearts by dwelling in Christ that we overcome the feeling of a need to receive any of the five “love languages.” Simply put, the reader believes the best summary should be about showing meaningful affection to others as often as possible and doing that very appropriately, but in the process of doing that, we should seal our hearts and never expect anything in return. This, to the reader, is a better way than tediously addressing each language surrounded in a singular theme.

Regardless, as much as it offers, this review won’t be all about the amazing things the book offer without diving into some critics. This is because they are important for the success of the book and more importantly for the digest of every reader at the end. According to some person who reviewed the book, the book was found irritating and upsetting at the same time. Specifically, Gary is perceived to have come up with some theory with which humans can communicate in love languages and someway, Gary sees the key to a successful marriage as “speaking your spouse’s love language.” This is flawed in the sense that perhaps our partner always and more often than not, complains about not being appreciated, it means words of appreciation is the love language. This is wrong because a sincere complaint by your partner means they are not getting the very thing they want. What this means is that there are just some down to earth important elements of a relationship, as against the mystical love languages emphasized by Gary. Additionally, the author is believed to have shared a dangerous idea that loving someone enough is potent enough to make them love you back and possibly, respect you. In a way, Gary is supposedly advising an emotionally and psychologically abused wife to continue loving her husband and that with time, his behavior would improve and sooner than later, reciprocate the feelings. The “Give without receiving” message is not absolutely appealing in the real world of love and relationships. Well, relationships are truly not always easy, and of a truth, they require work- in fact, hard work at that. These and many more are shared by persons who already have read the book, but even at that, for the book to be running the 8th consecutive year as New York Times #1 Bestseller, it demands some applaud. None of those things like imperfect delivery or assumed repetitions or some self congratulatory stance should distract you from an amazing read regardless. The 5 Love Languages is a totally and genuinely life-changing, incredibly eye-opening and massively love-reforming book.

Also, another perspective into this is the entire idea of the book based on glorifying work on the relationship. The reader agrees with the fact that being in love changes into a deeper and some less nauseating feeling over time and as you would expect, the period when you obsessively think about your partner ends at some point. Even at that, compatibility plays a great role as an important but big issue. This means, the better choice of a partner you make, the less work you have to put into such relationship, which justifies the rule “the less work, the better”. Chapman is perceived to have disregarded that concept in his writing of “The 5 Love Languages” as he claims loving someone is an effort and that is the way it is. In his assertion, the Christian ideology of finding excessive value in suffering is very obvious as Chapman openly draws inspiration from the Bible (which is the only source referenced in the book). Dr. Chapman’s claims are that you are filling your partner’s love tank when you do basic things like sharing your household chores, saying nice things, touching them and giving them a gift or spending valuable time with them. With such action, a happy life ever after is possible but all of these is simple in the world of his (the author’s) based on love satisfaction concentrated on domesticity. Even though this is important, it remains not the sole element of a relationship. More important than the outlined love languages as described, which are in fact just basic ones is the essence of substance. Lack of substance in the relationship would leave all of these tips literal and just basics. That is, relationships are not always easy as they require work and it thus becomes important to teach people how to wisely enter marriages, rather than teach them how to stay in marriages because they are married.


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