Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence

IS a book by Sarah Young, published in 2004. A book birthed after a couple of years lived as a mere writer in prayer journal, Jesus Calling is a product of a decision by the author to give some more attention to the voice of the Savior; which eventually prompted her to choose a side of the Savior’s in other to leave an uncompromising impact on the lives of people around and the author herself. Within the 400 pages, the actuality of purpose that largely encompasses the words of Jesus weaved in comfort, hope and words of reassurance are highlighted. In essence, the words in the book are written as directly obtained from the “source” and to a large extent, has made her conscious of the things of the kingdom as well as relate more sensitively to the presence of the creator, from which peace is assured. Sarah Young is a devoted writer whose words are woven in personal reflections of her day-to-day quiet time where she reads her Bible, prays and writes in her prayer journals. Sarah demonstrates biblical conservation in her faith and doctrinal reformation in her books.

Moreover, there is an underlying purpose for the book especially for all readers and it is none other than the fact that they can as well enjoy similar peace if they pay attention and draw closer. Perhaps there is some level of distance which the reader cannot place a reason around; the book is meant to intimate them with a whole-year-daily -reading as written by Young and in turn, spare them of the wanderings. In fact, it can considerably bring them closer to Christ than ever with an expectation of change in conversation mode from monologue to dialogue- where they can hear Him speak and listen to what He has to say per time. The belief here is that you do not hear Jesus, at least maybe not enough because of the distance and probable assumption that He is speaking. But of a truth, He is speaking. You just have to hear Him. Jesus Calling is proven right for this and many others, as well as capable of helping and guiding readers to hear from Jesus, always.

The book, Jesus Calling is available on all major bestseller lists, even as found on Amazon. More like the previous books she has written, which emphasized the true nature of Christianity and the expectations, Jesus Calling is as well a book targeting readers to journey with Jesus with intimacy in his entirety. In simpler words, the book aims to guide people and provide some very good way of connecting with Jesus and of course, taking reasonable solace in the Living Word, which is a necessity. It is out of much consistency in the daily devotional writing that the book was brought about and without a changing standard as it were. Sarah suggests in the introduction page of the book that the devotions as embedded in Jesus Calling are meant to be read slowly, preferably in a quiet place and with your Bible open.

Criticism of Sarah Young

Now, diving into some readers’ concerns and thoughts, a couple of them can strongly affirm that the book has helped them a lot regarding growing to love the word of God. Conversely, while some people give credits to the content and how much they have been able to achieve with and from the book, an honest critique from some others is inevitable. Some book reviewer even tagged the book a phenomenon that shows no signs of slowing down. As much as it is profoundly permeating the hearts of so many people, with several million sold already, there are yet some troubling things in the book and particularly the reviewer highlighted some reasons that justified his concerns. Some of these are:

  1. Sarah is supposedly speaking for God: The premise of the book is found disturbing because as stated, Sarah hears from Jesus and takes it upon herself to bring the messages to her readers. Someway, the book is critiqued as one that makes the boldest and gutsiest already claim they are Christians. Besides, Sarah’s words are not all that objectionable but the way she chose to write is quite objectionable, writing in the first person and as if Jesus is talking through her and.
  2. Proclamation of the insufficiency of the Bible: Perhaps the book is existent because the author deeply desires to hear from God outside the Biblical context. For instance, there is a part of the introduction where she asserted that “I began to wonder if I…could receive messages during my times of communing with God….” In those few words and sentences, there is a reasonable assumption that she is somehow setting up unnecessary competition between her revelation and that recorded in 2 Timothy 3: 16-17 which says “All scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work“. From a Biblical stance, her book can be adjudged to lack a category that makes provisions for her claims or thoughts which describe the soul of her book.

Jesus Calling Book Reviews

Meanwhile, on the bright side, some positive and truthful comments were shared about the book as well. Some of these include:

  1. Confirmation of the usefulness of the book in edification and correction, establishing the love of Jesus for all.
  2. Beautifully written words as directly obtained from Jesus based on biblical passages. The daily readings are simple and short but with profound meaning as it gently pierces the heart of the readers. In fact, it is a recommended way to start each day starting out with just about five minutes which fills the readers’ soul and guides through the day with a constant reminder that Jesus is with you, Jesus loves you and won’t leave you.
  3. Do you seek peace of mind? Try Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling. The book is one with daily inspiration and encouragement for the readers and at a time when there is some experience of grief, it brings the mind and soul together and generally emphasizing a lifting feel of hope after all.
  4. A great devotion book that draws the reader closer to God and written with the utmost purpose to uplift and encourage the readers.
  5. A must-have for anyone and everyone who seeks peace and daily guidance. The personalization of the scripture readings makes it even more powerful and eases the difficulty in settling down for quiet time and relishing in the presence of God.

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