Welcome to our complete guide to Christian gifts for women.

Everyone loves to receive a special gift, no matter how big or small. When these gifts bring with them a message from God you know they will be cherished for a lifetime. Obviously,  this list could be practiaclly endless but we have tried to find the gifts that are practical, elegant and absolutely enchanting, embellished with hopeful messages, cheerful and irresistible illustrations. They range from simple to complex to suit your desire.

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Beauty in the Bible: Adult Coloring Book

I cannot go without my Christian adult colouring books and this book is just amazing! It is so calming to spend time adding colour to the pages but also colour into your life! Very uplifting!

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This is a gift packaged by Lindsay Hopkins. Lindsay is an illustrator and an artist with love and passion for drawing since childhood. She is driven by the desire to lift minds and inspire people with her creative works. This amazing illustration contains some inspiring scriptural quotes like “You will show me the way of life”, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart”. Each page is colorfully packaged to capture the heart of the receiver and as a premium version with designs printed on some perforated edges of the thicker paper, it is perfect for framing. This book is one of the very many beautiful things you can present a Christian woman as a gift. It is one of the few books you can read to be relieved from stress and the inspirational scripture lessons embedded inside are fulfilling and soothing. More than 50,000 copies have been sold in the series alone. The 80-paged book is excellently rated by people across the globe, with various interests in the design, content and structure.

Another good thing about this book is that it comes at a great price. As beautiful as it seems and is, some buyers expressed their dissatisfaction about the quantity of art work incorporated in the book and small prints that can be problematic for people with vision problems.

Promises From God for Women Box of Blessings

All I can say is WOW!! I love these!! I send out TONS of cards to elderly people in the nursing home, in the community and in my church. I always try to put one of these in there for them. They are very uplifting and beautiful

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This is another beautiful gift to consider buying in the gifts for Christian women context. It is compactly designed to share with every woman in your life that you appreciate enough. It contains a 51- 2 sided, playing card size and inspirational messages altogether in a box. All at once can be given as a gift with the blessing tucked into a travel bag, pocket or purse or lunch bag. Whoever gets this receives with a heart of gratitude and true smiles. The set contains:

  • Box: 2 5/8 X 3 3/4 X 1 1/8 inch
  • Cards: 2 1/4 X 3 3/8 inch
  • 51 – 2 sided cards
  • Sturdy Lidded Box
  • Scripture, Notable or Loving Quotes and Sentiments on both sides
  • Give All At Once or Pass Around Single Cards

This gift belongs to the category of “Christian Arts Gifts” and the comments by previous buyers are immensely encouraging. Some comment it is good for devotions and profoundly okay at its price. If you have had a not-too-good experience with devotions, you should try this out. In addition, it has a small space for easy mobility. The graphics and quotes are also very lovely. It is a gift that combines a quick word from God with encouraging verses beautifully. They are a couple of great uplifting cards and a beautiful thing to own and gift. Not only is that, the cards laminated in a nice way with bright colors to glue you to your seat till the end. Interestingly, the box is itself a detailed one and the quality generally is out of this world.

Needless to say, it comes at a nice price too. One sure thing with this gift is that anyone and everyone who receives it keeps a forever-grateful memory because you as the giver have uplifted them and not just ordinarily, in a beautiful way.

Gzrlyf Cross Bracelet With God All Things Are Possible

You know that gift that speaks volumes of words on a first look and more volumes on a second? That is what this bracelet offers. It is a product made from stainless steel, which neither changes color nor rusts and a beautiful bracelet that has an engraved Christian words inscribed on it. This is some gift you present a woman and she never forgets you. That is, this religious cross bracelet helps savor the memories, as a perfect combination for any woman you like to appreciate for something or the other.

It is designed in a way that it expands easily to fit over any size of hand and wrist. It is no doubts a gift that inspires the hands that receives it with the quotes as a reminder that nothing in this life happens without God and with Him, nothing shall be impossible.

With God All Things Are Possible Faith Charm Pendant Bracelet

This bracelet is in the class of inspirational gifts for Christians, especially women. On it is engraved a bible verse that “With God All Things Are Possible” and not only does it just read that, it speaks good moral about the great reminder. It is yet an unbeatable personalized gift that can either be worn to amplify your determination or some sort of self-affirmation to basically ensure perseverance and sustain hope. It represents well as a good gift for both sexes, and for all age categories. You can present it on birthdays, Christmas, Christenings, Baptisms, Easter, major life events and others because the awesomely empowering message inscribed on it is not time or season bound. It has an averagely okay weight and made from steel, it will never rust or tarnish.

Altogether, it features a durable and long lasting characteristic, matches all styles of clothes and with a breathtaking design, looks gorgeous and amazing on the wearer. Moreover, it is perfect for any celebration and occasion with great detail.

Scripture Glass Stones, 6 of Your Favorite Inspiring Bible Verses

I love these not just because they are so beautiful but they are small enough to fit in your purse or pocket as a reminder of that GOD’s word said. If you are having a stressed day or expect to have one, grab your scripture and go! Having a physicall reminder to look at also reminds you to pray!

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Perhaps you are wondering what this is. They are particularly gifts you can give as Sunday School rewards and as giveaways. More interestingly, these stones are incredibly inexpensive. They are Christian gifts for any occasion whatsoever and they come in varying colors. The way it works is that you can contemplate your favorite Bible verse or quote while you hold the stone in your hand. Each glass stone is about 1.25 inches in diameter with some words printed on opaque or translucent glass. For people planning to make new beginnings, these scripture stones are very nice gift you should get. Some of the set of stones include the following scriptures:

  • Psalm 91:11- He will give his angels charge of you to guard you in all your ways
  • Psalm 46:1- God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble
  • Jeremiah 29:11- For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hop and a future
  • Psalm 37:7- Be still before the Lord and patiently for him
  • Romans 8:28- All things work together for God for those who love God
  • Psalm 55:22- Cast thy burden upon the Lord and he shall sustain thee.

These products have some nice reviews from persons who already bought the stones and their testimonies are incredible. They can serve as the perfect gift for someone who is struggling even as the printed words are believed to wrought inspiring wonders. Moreover, they are very beautiful, easy to carry in a pocket and basically, they are jsut God’s words at your fingerprints. Meanwhile, some persons believe they should be produced with better print because the writing on the stones wears off quicker than expected. That is, for someone who wants to carry it around, but if you get them to someone as gifts and they are placed on a shelf for just decorations, then they are totally nice.

Other nice characteristics are that they can be used singularly as gifts or as part of some others, very durable and with soul-lifting scriptures for every Christian. In addition, they can even serve adequate purpose as mission trip gifts.

Willow Tree Angel of Prayer

As the name implies, the tree angel of prayer is one gift you can present to someone that will leave an unforgettable memory in their hearts The product has an enclosed card that reads the sentiment “For those who believe in the power of prayer”. The purpose of the enclosure card in the box is to be presented as gift. The 4″height hand-painted resin figure has wire wings, and can be cleaned. However, it is suggested that a soft brush or soft cloth is sufficient for cleaning and that users should avoid cleaning with water or other form of solvents. This product was hand-carved by the artist Susan Lordi, originally carved and printed by hand. The Willow Tree is a figure that speaks volumes of scriptures with potentials of healing quietly, comfortably, protecting and inspiring the recipient. Basically, the scriptures within are believed to communicate through gesture either to mean an emotion or mark a memory. The figurative sculpture is designed to commemorate spiritual milestones in Christianity like first communion, confirmation and baptism. You can add it to your Nativity display, even as it suits the purpose appropriately. The sculptures resonate with diverse cultures of people and many age categories. While it means protection to some, it is a typical outward reminder of inner peace to others. Also, many people see it as a way to remember the ones who are gone beyond. In simpler words, the Willow Tree is a gift that communicates more than words. It is a beautiful gift you can add to your collection and according to some person’s remarks, your faith in God with this can mean answered prayers. Moreover, it comes at a great price and a reminder that someone is praying for you. Being of top quality, the Willow Tree is one gift you can give the receiver an over-the-moon feeling. Also, it provides a nativity scene as a gift to someone who just suffered a loss even as the Willow Tree is believed to be constantly praying for such recipient. It can be a great alternative for flowers.

Turquoise Flexcover Journal- “She is clothed with strength and dignity”

This is a Christian art gift that reads the bible verse, Proverbs 31:25, “She is clothed with strength and dignity”. This scripture is engraved on the Turquoise Flexcover Journal. It has a debossed rose and filigree artwork frame with a spine embossed in a rose design. Moreover, the journal features a man-made material of top quality and has a real leather feel, otherwise called LuxLeather plus a lay-flat spine and a ribbon page marker attached. These writing journals are the perfect gifts you can give a Christian, be it a woman or man even as each page has an inspirational passage. The 240- lined pages journal is one gift anyone would appreciate. According to some person’s testimony, she got it for her sister while she was diagnosed with terminal stage IV cancer and the gift was purposefully to help her stay sane. Upon receiving it, the sister cried and ever since, frequently wrote in it. The book has a decent quality and the pages hold up very well. Furthermore, some commented it was the perfect gift they got for prayer journal entries. It also has a satisfactory color. The Turquoise Flexcover Journal can be used with daily devotions. Thus, as a Christmas gift, a birthday present or other occasions, this journal fits in perfectly.

Proverbs 31 Woman Pink White Leaves 16 Ounce Ceramic Coffee Mug

You know what Proverbs 31:29 says about women, “Many women do noble things but you surpass them all”. Imagine presenting this gift to a Christian woman, be it a friend, sister, mother, colleague or fiancee. This mug holds up to 16 fluid ounces of beverage at once and measures about 5 X 4 inches approximately. The idea is, when the special woman drinks coffee, herbal tea or hot chocolate, she meditates on the scriptures and thinks about your precious and kind gesture. The Elanze designed mug is made of ceramic stone and has a beautiful high curved grip for easy grab and handling. Not only that, the message imprinted on the mug is inspirational. Whatever your choice of beverage, this lovely bistroy-styled ceramic mug is a great gift and a great way to enjoy your morning jog. It is a gorgeous cup with nice packaging and every woman you present this to will be pleasantly surprised and grateful.

3 Minute Devotions for Women: Too Blessed to be Stressed.

This is a 3-minute devotional for women written and designed by Debora M. Coty. The beautiful book is some gift you can present any woman in your life, written by the same author of the Bestselling “Too Blessed to Be Stressed”. It contains 180 uplifting readings packed in a powerful dose of humor, inspiration and comfort as needed for each day. Within just three minutes, the idea is that you will get a scripture to meditate on, read a short devotional and say a minute prayer to jump-start a conversation with God. Are you saying that is not enough? Why not give this a try! A gift for any occasion and for every woman, the 3-minute devotion will provide you with a spiritual pick-me-up per day.

Coty is a popular and renowned speaker, humorist and award-winning author of several inspirational books. Concerning this devotion, there are several reviews and testimonies already. Some see is as a short and sweet book which is very little yet effective for staying in touch with God’s word everyday. A great book for pick me ups with lessons that can be shared with Christian people and groups. It is a purse-sized book that will not disappoint and that combines entertainment with spirituality. IN fact, the color is beautiful for an average woman- PINK. Moreover, the 3-minute devotions described and addressed God intimately all through, emphasizing the more appropriate ways by which the Lord and Savior can be described.

Purple Plastic Water Bottle: Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the Lord”

The purple plastic water bottle has the scripture Proverbs 3:5-6 printed on it. It is a Christian gift that combines arts with beauty. It has a 28 ounce capacity and the 10 inch tall bottle has a webbing carry loop for easy carriage. It also features a locking flip-top lid with wide mouth bottle with locking mechanism. The bottle is meant for and purposeful for hand wash only, that means it is not suitable for hot beverages. Made from BPA free and food grade safe plastic, the entire lid of the bottle can be removed for washing.

It is a beautiful gift you can present your wife, mother and daughter on any occasion. If you are the athletic type or some person that belongs to a group activity, this bottle can be used to carry water as you look to share Christ. The Bible verse that “Trust in the Lord with all your hear, Lean not on your own understanding and in all your ways, acknowledge him” is a perfect day-starting quote which can inspire the day. It is produced from a durable material even though not as perfectly as you get with other sport bottles you might be used to. But one interesting part of this is that how many water bottles share the word of God on them? It is an absolutely lovable cup especially if the Bible verse is your favorite and the color in which it comes. Most persons suggest and recommend being careful with the plastic. On the other hand, the locking feature is considered to be very stiff and not work perfectly but one man’s food is another man’s poison. Some others love the locking mechanism. Generally, however, it is a beautiful water bottle and a perfect gift for all, and you will fall in love with the design, color and performance. Perhaps some work should be done on the locking design.

50 Women Every Christian Should Know: Learning from Heroines of the Faith

This is a book by Michelle DeRusha to encourage and inspire every Christian woman particularly as they learn from the heroines of faith. DeRusha is a writer in the religious and spirituality niche, writing about faith daily on her blog. The idea is that, all through history, numerous women have boldly stepped out in faith and courage, leaving an unforgettable mark on the ones around them and the kingdom of God as a whole. Michelle DeRusha told the stories of these ones in lively prose , talking about fifty women of faith like Catherine of Siena, Teresa of Avila, Susanna Wesley, Harriet Tubman and Anne Hutchinson, among others. Entirely, these women live again under the expertise of DeRusha’s pen. In essence, this is one book every Christian woman should own and if presented as a gift, what a honor! The idea is, the narratives in the book are to constantly remind us that we are not alone and that the battles we face today are not new. God is with us always even in the middle of the struggle.

This is an inspiring and informative book that has to be read with both eyes opened. Every reader of this book is assured a broadened vision and to a large extent will get their faith challenged. In fact, Warren W. Wiersbe, an author and former pastor of the Moody Church, Chicago recommends the book to men and women. Basically, the book teaches the reality about fame as learned from the fifty women. Much of the emphasis is on the fact that to be famous does not equate to lots of people knowing your name. Additionally, to be brave is more like pressing on in the midst of the fear. Largely, the book introduces every reader, particularly women to many women they had never met and that they are very sure never to forget. The book is all encompassing in that, the fifty women were pioneers in the face of troubles, doubts and temptations. The lesson that shall be learned from them is that their stories can give the church a brave and courageous example of living faith and living out faith. It is pronounced as a thoroughly researched book and a well-written work that invites each reader into the lives of the women whose stories are actually ours.

In the light of this, this book is one precious gift you can present a Christian woman. An amazing one she would forever treasure. Generally, some words from previous readers and owners of the book are described as: a book to savor and learn from, a great read for any woman of faith in your life, a clear, concise and enjoyable book, a book that lets you virtually meet heroes of faith you never knew about and one that will pique your interest to read more about the women, an interesting and challenging book, among many others.

Handmade Beautiful Christian Bangle Bracelet with Wire Design and Flower Charm and Bead- “God is within her. She will not fall”

This is a beautiful Christian bracelet that has these words of encouragement imprinted on it “God is within her, she will not fall”. What words could be more reassuring and refreshing. It fits perfectly for any occasion, situation and it is one with which you can express your thoughts and feelings. It contains a flower pendant and pear bead, available in worn gold and silver burnish finishes. Do you want to gift someone a beautiful, yet simple present? This is most likely your best shot, especially if you plan giving it to a Christian friend or family member. It would be appreciated for whoever is going through some difficult situation and the engraving alone acts as a hinge- which is the main part of the bracelet. It is easy to take off and pretty easy to wear. If you get this for a friend, chances are, they would want to get it for some others too. Yes, it is that good! The bracelet is a gorgeous one, without mincing words that keeps you smiling all through whenever you look at it.

Scripture Flowers: The Lord is My Shepherd

Featured on cream paper with blue lettering, green leaves and pink center, the handmade flower is just all-perfect, a great gift for any believer. It is more like a great way to keep the word on your desk at your place of work or for whatever needs you want it to serve. Needless to say, this scripture flowers is one of the few perfect things or gifts you can present a Christian woman. It is done in such a way that it blooms and features the reminder that “The Lord is my shepherd; I have everything I need. He lets me rest in fields of green grass and leads me to quiet pools of fresh water. He gives me new strength. He guides me in the right paths, as he has promised. Even if I go through the deepest darkness, I will not be afraid, Lord, for you are with me.” This is the Bible chapter on the petals of the flower. It is one comforting gift you can get for a Christian woman, packaged in a windowed gift box. Moreover, it is perfect for nursing homes and hospital gifts as it does not need water, being a paper flower. For whatever occasion, birthdays, Mother’s day and Christmas, this flower is a beautiful decorative accent as a reminder that the recipient is loved. They are just suitable gifts for the women in your life even as they receive a lasting item of care and love with the flowers.

Willow Tree Memory Box, Friendship

This is a hand-painted resin box that has bas-relief carving on the unattached lid. It has a sentiment written inside the box that reads, “Forever true, forever friends” with the inclusion of an enclosure card in the box if to be gifted. Carved by artist Susan Lordi, the Willow Tree is a representation of an intimate line of figurative sculptures that speak words of healing, comfort, protection and inspiration, quietly. Moreover, the sculptures communicate via gesture to describe an emotion or mark a memory. Every word inscribed communicates more than just words and in the bottom of each box is revealed a message of love and friendship as a discovery that is hidden. It is a gift that earmarks a forever treasured friendship and can be presented to a Christian woman as a friend, sister, family member or somebody you do cherish. The “forever true, forever friends” also emphasize the essence of the perfection this gift comes with.

Finally, in the words of Victor Hugo, “The supreme happiness of life is the conviction of being loved for yourself, or, more correctly, being loved in spite of yourself.” That means there are certain features that accompany giving a gift to a woman, all or some of which are described already as above in each suggested gift. Make your choice and it is a sure bet that you can never go wrong.

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