If Darwin Prayed – Bruce Sanguin – Review

There has been a push recently to help better intergrate faith and scienece, an undoubetly tricky task! If Darwin Prayed written by Bruce Sanguin is a mainly prayer book with an emphesis on evolution and how it can enhance rather than detract from faith.

In the introduction Sanguin talks about how evolution leads to a more humble world view for our species.


To acknowledge that the human being emerged out of the adaptive resilience and struggle of all of the creatures that came before us is to assume a more humble place in the scheme of life. Gratitude replaces arrogance as we realize that our challenge is not to have dominion over creation but rather to assume our proper place in our one Earth community. An evolutionary worldview implies an underlying shift in identity that can be perceived as a threat to those who cling to biblical literalism.

The science is almost invisible in the prayers Sanguin writes, subtle changes to the norm. These work brillitantly well and help address the challenges and hurdles of modern day faith. All in all I highly reccomed this book!


You can check it out here:If Darwin Prayed: Prayers for Evolutionary Mystics

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