The word fear is a common occurrence in our living as humans. It is in fact not limited to humans alone, even other creatures like animals do experience fear when they are intimidated by another superior beast. A few clicks by searching about fear on Google will reveal that fear is an unpleasant feeling or emotion involving threat or danger. In summary, fear makes one afraid, and incapacitated to perform at the maximal level of one’s potential.
In the scriptures, a close study from Genesis to Revelation shows the many troubles of man, and how God has been of help to man since creation. The help of God in many occasions to those who trust in Him is a proof that there are situations that are greater than the power of man, which are able to make the bravest of all to become the faintest of heart.

It is being said that the phrase ‘‘fear not’’ is the most repeated command in the bible, which is from God to man. This means that God is not ignorant of the weak frame of man, and He is ever ready to bring those who trust in Him out of any predicament. Now, it is more than possible for those who are blessed mightily with the presence of God to also experience fear. In Genesis 15:1, we could see God telling Abraham that, he should fear not, and this doesn’t remove the fact that he had great relationship with God.
The dealings of God with Moses many times is not strange to us as Christians; we can recount the appearing of the Angel of the Lord to him in the burning bush, the diverse works of God through Moses as regards the plagues in Egypt and the defeat of Pharaoh in the red sea, yet, seeing the scriptures in Numbers 21:34, Moses was about to face Og, the king of Bashan, and the Lord had to strengthen Moses again that, he should not fear, for the Lord will deliver Og to the hands of Israel just as Sihon king of the Amorites was defeated. Therefore, the presence of God in one’s life is not necessarily the absence of fear.

Now, God knows that fear in man is inevitable, but what God needs in man is courage; which is tied to faith in Him. In other words, even though one is afraid of a situation, problem or enemies, we are to speak with braveness, and assurance as if the problem is not even there. In this is God magnified than the problem, because it reveals that we rely on God to overcome for us. Jesus said in Matthew 10:28, (KJV), that, And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.
Now, Jesus is strengthening us through the truth from God’s point of view that it is only God that we ought to fear as humans. We are to be of good courage, just as God told Joshua after the demise of Moses; (Joshua 1:6,7 &9,KJV). Fear will come surely, and they will manifest in many forms. Fear may manifest in the form of not being able to meet up with your rent or mortgage, a failing relationship you have invested much in, sickness, and some other unpleasant situations that discourage man in our day to day living. All you are to do is to use the word of God as a weapon in prayers and praises, and be bold enough to know the challenge won’t have any dominion over you unless it is allowed by God for reasons best known to Him. Bottom line is that God loves courageous people, and since He is on our side, we are on the winning side. Amen.

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